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Botox Cosmetics and Dysport are two products used to help soften lines and wrinkles caused by expression.  FDA approved for the upper face, the clinicians at Finesse are experienced in using these materials in off label areas in a manner that creates a customized approach to your goals.   Whether you want a softened expression, no motion at all or just balancing out asymmetry issues, your Botox will be tailored to your needs

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Fillers are injections that your aesthetic provider uses to restore lost volume that leads to folds, shadows and wrinkles.  They are also used to enhance certain areas like lips, cheeks or chins.  Fillers can also be used in the temples or earlobes and other areas that have lost that youthful volume.  Examples of fillers used at Finesse: Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Restylane, Refyne, Lyft, Silk


Micro needling

Finesse uses the only FDA approved Class II Microneedling device in the US, the Skin Pen Precision.  A device with small needles is used to give a controlled collagen stimulation treatment.  This minimal to no downtime procedure helps the skin glow, shrinks pores, and aids in diminishing fine lines and acne scars.  This treatment can be paired with peels , IPL, or most popularly, Platelet Rich Fibrin treatments to enhance results.


Platelet Rich Fibrin

100% Natural Rejuvenation using your own cells.  Free of additives and chemicals and packed with powerful cells, PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin) is used to either inject or in microneedling.  Great for tear trough areas, overall collagen stimulation, hair restoration, brow thickness and many other areas.

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Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation

A broad spectrum energy device is used to bring to the surface and diminish pigmentation caused by aging, sun damage and other environmental effects.  It is important to be out of the sun, tanning beds and discontinue use of tanning creams prior to treatment.  Can be combined with micro-needling for better results.



Sculptra is an injection treatment that helps restore volume loss leading to sagging wrinkled skin.  This treatment stimulates your own collagen to give you a natural result.  May need up to three treatments to achieve desired results.  Once achieved these results can last up to two years.



Kybella is an FDA approved injection treatment to decrease unwanted fat in the chin area.  It is also helpful in other small areas including the bra fat area, jowls, or other small areas of the body.  Typically 2-4 treatments are needed.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an effective way to improve texture and lighten pigmentation.  The peels used at Finesse are medical grade peels.  Some downtime can be expected.  Depending on the condition of the skin these may be done in a series. 



Sclerotherapy is a treatment using injection of a sclerosing agent to remove small spider veins in the legs.  Each treatment is 30 minutes and multiple treatments may be needed.


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