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It turns out that you lived in a Stalinist house, and now - on the outskirts in a panel, in a residential area?

- Yes.

– Would you like to return to the area of ​​your childhood? Or one like it?

“Of course, I like these areas onlinecasinoluxembourg.

Often during consultations, I ask clients to tell in detail what the area in which they lived most of their lives looked like, what they liked and didn’t like about it.

Often people choose not modern houses, but the architecture of their childhood.

Now one often has to observe a depressing approach to choosing a place of residence: not a district of residence is chosen, but a list of residential complexes that brightly advertise themselves, but are scattered around different parts of the city. Instead of forming a coherent logical picture of the conscious choice of the area, buyers rush around the city in chaos, examining residential complexes from advertising. Often such unfortunate investors travel around the city by taxi. Here is an example of a dialogue with one of these people.


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